Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Audience Reception Theories

We decided to look at a couple of different audience reception theories that we thought were particularly relevant to thrillers.

Uses and Gratifications Theory (Katz, E) - suggests that audiences watch films and TV programs for different reasons.

  • Identity - to identify with other's and different cultures
  • Catharsis (emotional experience) - to 'feel' strong emotions
  • Surveillance - to make sense of the world and gain information and understand about the world
  • Escapism - pure entertainment
  • Integrative/ social - to have a shared experience with peers
We feel that the reason that most people choose to watch a thriller is for catharsis, as thrillers make the audience feel strong feelings, whether these are of fear or anticipation of something happening.

Hypodermic Syringe Model

This model is important for us to consider as we need to make our audience feel strong emotions through the use of tension and other factors in our opening.

Melissa Hudson

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