Thursday, 28 February 2013

Audience Feedback

We showed our first cut video to the class and they gave us some anonymous feedback on it. This is useful as it helps us to see what improvements we could make to the video from our audiences viewpoint and it also allows us to see what aspects of the video they really liked.

Melissa Hudson, Chloe Barker, Kira Welland, Laura Witt


Kira Welland, Laura Witt, Melissa Hudson and Chloe Barker

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Opening Sequence Credits

We were unsure of what credits to include in our opening sequence, and so I have done some research into what titles to include.

In both 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' and 'The Fall' the first credits are the company that presents the movie. They then show who the movies is produced by.

In both films the titles were then

The credits next included in the film are the names of the actors. Actors with smaller roles sometimes have their name shown on the screen with other people, saving time.

in both movies the next credits included were the casting directors.
In 'The Fall' the next title included was the director of photography, where as in 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' it was the co producers.

 In both films the next credits included were the costume designers, and then the editors.

Both films then had the production designer as their next title.

In 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' the                                                           next title was director of photography, where as in 'The Fall' it was co producers

 The next title for both movies was the executive producers, and the the screenplay.

The last title for both films was who it was directed by.

Kira Welland

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Gender representation

Normally the role of the hero or villain is played by a male actor as they are seen to be more dominating and powerful. Due to this, the role of the victim is played by a female actress. Although this is not always the case, for example in the film Silence of the lambs, a female plays the heroic role. It has also been shown that a change in stereotypical gender roles can be more effective to an audience. Women lead characters are becoming quite common.

Example of a male hero - James Bond

Example of a male victim - Severus Snape (Harry Potter)

Example of a female hero - Cat-woman

Example of a female victim - Wendy Torrance (The shining)

Chloe Barker

Friday, 15 February 2013

Font vote

Crime times six - 8
No fear - 5
True lies - 5
Cold night for alligators - 3
Frisky vampire - 2
Horror sketch - 1
Nightmare - 1

I asked 25 people to vote for their favourite font from the previously uploaded mood board. It is clear that 'Crime times six' was the most popular with 'No fear' and 'True lies' having the second most votes.
The group decided to use 'Crime times six' as the font for the credits and 'True lies' as the title font. Crime times six is to be used for the credits as it is a more readable font where as True lies is an appropriate font as it will stand out when used for the title due to the dramatic use of italics.We chose True lies over No fear as it presents itself to fit the hybrid genre of crime thriller where as No fear appeared to suit the genre of horror more.
Chloe Barker

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Title Mind-Map

We have been brainstorming some title ideas for our opening sequence. Here are a few of our favourite titles and the meanings behind them, showing how they link to the possible story of our movie. We decided that we thought the most captivating title was 'Incontro' because it means encounter, which could link to the storyline, and also adds mystery by not directly being the English word.

Kira Welland, Melissa Hudson, Chloe Barker and Laura Witt

Monday, 11 February 2013

Costume Research

In our costume research we found a lot of female detectives in films, such as 'VI Warshawski', wore plain black costumes, such as this suit, with red lips. This shows the professionalism of the character and the masculinity of the suit jacket shows their role in the film. However, the skirt and the red lips show the femininity of the character.

We also found that trench coats were highly popular in the costume design of detectives, as they are smart but also show that the detective may be hiding something, such as a gun or some other kind of weapon. Trench coats have become a traditional costume for detectives after the famous 'Sherlock Holmes', who was known for wearing a trench coat. Here we have examples from the modern 'Sherlock' and 'Se7en'.

Kira Welland & Laura Witt

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Test Shots - Abandoned Building.

We took the camera to an abandoned building we found and took some experimental shots to see how we will film our opening sequence and what shots work well.

Kira Welland and Laura Witt

Test Shots - Woods

Here is an experimental Point of View shot I took of someone running through the woods for our research on different kinds of shots as well as location research. I filmed this when it was beginning to get dark so there was low-key lighting and I tried out different ways of filming it, changing the shakiness or adding heavy breathing.

Kira Welland

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

FIlm Poster

This is the promotional poster for our film. We took inspiration from movies such of a similar genre which use dark lighting to inform the audience that it will clearly be a thriller. We haven't included the actresses name as this is a low budget British film and the actress is unfamilar to the audience, the image and the font of the title don't give away what the film is about as the title is in a different language and the picture addresses the genre from the harsh lighting and dark clothes, but doesn't tell the audience any of the plot.

Some of the posters we looked at for inspiration:

Laura Witt