Monday, 11 February 2013

Costume Research

In our costume research we found a lot of female detectives in films, such as 'VI Warshawski', wore plain black costumes, such as this suit, with red lips. This shows the professionalism of the character and the masculinity of the suit jacket shows their role in the film. However, the skirt and the red lips show the femininity of the character.

We also found that trench coats were highly popular in the costume design of detectives, as they are smart but also show that the detective may be hiding something, such as a gun or some other kind of weapon. Trench coats have become a traditional costume for detectives after the famous 'Sherlock Holmes', who was known for wearing a trench coat. Here we have examples from the modern 'Sherlock' and 'Se7en'.

Kira Welland & Laura Witt

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