Friday, 8 March 2013

Costume Pictures

 For the costume for our protagonist character we chose simple, smart clothes that would be appropriate for a detective. After our costume research we found that trench coats were highly popular in the costumes of detectives in movies, and so we used a coat with similar design. We also used a plain coat - black - so not to distract from the other parts of the costume and to reflect the situation and the tone of the movie.
For the shoes we decided to use high heels to show the femininity of the character, emphasising the female protagonist, but we made sure the heels were not too high due to the practicalities of the role, making it easier for the actor and more realistic. After some deliberation we decided to use black and white shoes, instead of just plain black, as it reflects the innocence of the character.

We decided to used red nails and lips on our character to reflect the danger of the situation she is in. This also adds some femininity to the character and sophistication.

 We decided to have the hair scraped back in a bun as it looks professional and is practical to the job of the character. Having the hair styled like this also means that the facial expressions of the character are clear, which is important to our genre of movie, as thrillers include lots of close-ups as a convention of the genre.

Kira Welland

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