Saturday, 19 January 2013

Camera Shots to Build Tension

Tension is an important part of thriller films and it is necessary that we consider how camera shots and editing can be used to build tension.

Close ups and Extreme Close ups:

Close ups and extreme close ups can be used to create tension by showing the character's facial expression, this creates tension as it is an effective way of showing a character's reaction to events. These shots can also draw attention to the significant props or items in the scene.

Point of View (POV) Shots:

Point of view shots put the audience in the position of the character, which makes them feel more tension. They are viewing aspects of the film in the same way they would if they were in the same position, creating feelings of catharsis.

Hidden Shots:

Shots where the camera is hidden slightly with a distorted view have a similar effect to point of view shots. They also build tension as they are often used to view the main victim of the film, giving the suggestion that they are being watched.

Melissa Hudson

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