Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Narrative Theory

Vladimir Propp:
-Propp says character's within a narrative take on the role of 'spheres of action' or specific functions.
For example; the hero who is usually male, restores narrative equilibrium and saves the 'princess'.

-Propp suggested a victim hero who is the centre of the villain's attention.He also suggested a seeker hero who aids those who are the villain's victims, such as James Bond.

In our opening we include a victim hero (female detective) and a dispatcher (non-diegetic voiceover - boss).

Freytag's Dramatic Structure:
Freytag constructed the idea that a narrative is divided into five parts;
-Rising Action
-Falling Action
-Catastrophe/ Resolution

In our opening we use the stage of exposition to set up characters and setting
-Detective - independent and strong willed
-"Thing" - hidden, mysterious and unseen
-Setting - old, abandoned and haunted

Melissa Hudson and Chloe Barker

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