Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Target Audience Interview

Interview questions:

What is your favourite genre of movie?

What do you like about that genre of movie?

How often do you watch that genre of movie?

Do you watch thrillers?

Do you like thrillers? Why?

Do you watch thrillers alone or with someone?

Do you like the idea of a hybrid genre?

Do you like the idea of a crime-thriller?

From this research we found that whilst thrillers were not common as being a favourite genre people still liked them, especially the idea of a crime-thriller. This seems to be the best choice of genre for our movie as we also found that action was a popular genre of movie, and this can be included in a crime thriller, although a full action movie would be hard to shoot with such a small budget. Although comedy also seemed to be a popular choice we decided against this genre as it mainly relies on the ability of the actors, the most successful comedies include very well known actors such as Steve Martin or Rowan Atkinson, another thing out of our budget range.

Kira Welland

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